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MTV Roadies Tamanna MMS Scandal

Sex tape captures girl with stunning resemblance to popular MTV Roadies contestant,
including the black thread around her neck

MTV Roadies finalist Palak once bitched about her breasts comparing them to "pimples".
But if a sex tape is to be believed Tamanna is surprisingly well endowed.

A 37-second sex tape with a girl, having a stunning resemblance to the Roadie, having sex with a boy
has been posted on Rapidshare and Easyshare both video sharing websites.

Sujoy De, the man who apparently posted it on the Web in May, says
"Before download don't forget to say thanks."

Cross Check: The girl in the sex tape, who looks like Tamanna, wears a crucifix pendant similar to the one that the Roadie sports (right, encircled).

Netizens are forwarding the tape to all and sundry. The sex-tape shows the reality TV contestant or
someone who looks just like her having sex with a boy whose face cannot be seen.

Apart from the stunning semblance to the reality TV contestant, the girl shown in
the sex-tape is also wearing a cross around her neck like Tamanna.

The lissom lass from Chandigarh was quite popular for her skirmishes with her burly counterpart
Palak and her on-screen proximity to the Roadies winner Nauman.

The chemistry

She came out openly about her "close friendship" to Nauman when she was voted out.
Nauman, on his part, confessed his fondness for the girl.

When asked about the tape, Nauman said, "It's news to me. I have not heard
about it and not seen the video so I don't have a view.

I need to call Tamanna and check about it. People who are jealous may use
her name and circulate such a video."

Fan following

The 19-year-old girl has a fanclub dedicated to her on Facebook. The club has 1,672 members and
describe the girl as "self-obsessed" and "a free bird she will never be bogged down by negativity."

Sex videos showing look-alikes of celebrities have been doing the rounds of the cyber space for years.
Often police complaints are filed and culprits hunted down.



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